Grief Reliefs

A 34 Card Self-Care Oracle Deck for When Self Care is a Must


Grief Reliefs, The Self-Care Oracle is designed to be your companion through Grief – A journey that is unique to you. Each card is designed with an activity you can do that focuses on self-care and healing during your time of need.

Created By Susan Dintino

Losing a loved one sets us on a journey that is as unique as we are. Grief Reliefs is designed to be a GPS for you on your journey.

I created this deck after losing my husband and friend some years ago – it is my hope that it helps you through your journey as it has mine.

“My new “go-to” cards…

“As the author of six tarot and oracle cards decks – all published by Hay House – I know a thing or two ab out the magic of cards.  My test of a new deck is always the same.  If the first card I pull from a deck is spot on, then that’s my proof that the deck works.   That’s my validation that the deck has magic.  And Grief Relief Oracle cards passed that test with flying colors.

The moment that I laid my hands on Grief Reliefs Oracle Cards I could feel the comfort.  The cards are literally made of compassion.  It’s a compassion born out of personal loss, but also the immense courage that Susan has displayed her entire life when faced with grief.  As a Hay House author herself, Susan has a history of helping people to heal through laughter while also acknowledging the poignancy of the experience.  Grief Reliefs Oracle Cards is her crowning achievement towards that end.  

The cards are kind, but wise.  They are loving, but healing.  They are also my new “go-to” cards when doing readings for those who need find their way from grief back to peace.” 

Radleigh Valentine
Bestselling Hay House Author of Angel Tarot Cards, Angel Answer Oracle Cards, How to Be Your Own Genie, and The Compendium of Magical Things

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