Friends & Memories

I spent the weekend with dear friends that I have not really spent time with since my husband died. Most of the time we were together my husband was a part of it so it stirred up many memories being with them. We laughed and I cried at times but I am so glad I had...

Kindnesses Brightened My Day

For those of you that may not know my husband passed away on October 6. It still seems strange writing these words. Every time the phone rings I expect it to be him explaining once again why he is running late. I listen for the door to open and hear him say hello. It...

The 5 Stages of My Grief

In December of 2013 my husband, Dennis Dintino, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. We were blessed with a year of remission and another 2 years of ups and downs. On October 6th his battle was over and he crossed over. I met this man when I was 15 years old and we...


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