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The moment that I laid my hands on Grief Reliefs Oracle Cards I could feel the comfort. The cards are literally made of compassion. It’s a compassion born out of personal loss, but also the immense courage that Susan has displayed her entire life when faced with grief. As a Hay House author herself, Susan has a history of helping people to heal through laughter while also acknowledging the poignancy of the experience. Grief Reliefs Oracle Cards is her crowning achievement towards that end.

The cards are kind, but wise. They are loving, but healing. They are also my new “go-to” cards when doing readings for those who need find their way from grief back to peace.

Radleigh Valentine
Bestselling Hay House Author of Angel Tarot Cards, Angel Answer Oracle Cards, How to Be Your Own Genie, and The Compendium of Magical Things

Radleigh Valentine

Bestselling Hay House Author

I am so excited about Susan Dintino’s new Grief Reliefs card deck. As a Professional Medium I am glad to have this to share with my clients as an awesome
tool to care for themselves during their journey through grief. There is nothing more important to our loved ones on the other side than our happiness. But let’s be
honest, when you are in the depths of grief it can be so challenging to remember what happiness looks like. By making ourselves a priority with self-care the doors to happiness and  healing can open more freely.
Grief reliefs gives you specific ways to commit to and honor yourself. Do you know why this is so important? Because when you honor yourself you honor your loved ones. Nothing makes them happier. 

Heather Hildebrand

Psychic Medium

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